Shane Mullen's Biography

Shane Mullen Shane was born tapping his feet and dying to make some noise. Right from the start he was immersed in music. When he was very young, he would listen to his Dad sing Pink Floyd’s “THE WALL” or the Who’s “TOMMY” while Dad drove the family around on trips, errands, and vacations. At night he would be sung to sleep by his Mother with a lullaby from Guns’ N’ Roses. Music was everywhere. As a child who had yet to discover he could use music as an outlet, Shane did what any frustrated youth does…he misbehaved. After countless visits to the principal’s office and daily reprimanding, Shane finally found the guitar at the age of 10. His Grandfather showed him a few one-fingered chords and from there he was hooked.

Shane Mullen & Pap Pap “Hang down your head Tom Dooley” might have been the first song Shane ever played on a guitar, but it certainly wouldn’t be the last. He proved his commitment to his parents by flying through a beginner’s guitar book, and they agreed to get him lessons. It was then, around the age of 12, that Shane found his friend, his mentor, his Mr. Miyagi….Dave Kelly. Learning song after song, Shane improved at breakneck speed. Under Dave’s tutelage Shane got to the point where he could play pretty much anything.

In 2003, Shane joined the band ATREUS, and recorded an EP with them. One of Shane's own compositions co-written with bandmate John Turns, was selected and recorded on the album. ATREUS headlined at Falcapalooza, (their high school’s yearly show). Shortly after that two of the members from ATREUS went off to college and the band disbanded.

In 2004 Shane began playing with Ryan Bowe, Kevin Haagan, and Brandon Pfeffer, and the band TANGELLO BLUE was born. They immediately clicked with their love of all different types of music. From grunge, classic rock, country, alt. Rock, pop, to reggae they played it all in the basement. During the next year TANGELLO BLUE went on to write songs and play music. Then the beast known as “College” threatened to destroy yet another band. Ryan and Kevin ended up going to school close enough that they could still play. Brandon went to Pitt and was swallowed whole by the college chasm. Shane thought the songs they had written needed to be recorded so he called his trump card, Dave Kelly. Even though he’d stopped taking lessons from him, Dave was excited and eager to support Shane with his musical endeavor. During the next month Shane and Dave recorded a 5 song TANGELLO BLUE EP with Kevin and Ryan. Brandon couldn’t make it back to record but still co-wrote 2 of the songs that ended up on the EP. After a mixing session done on the PC speakers from hell, TANGELLO BLUE’s first EP “Freshly Squeezed” was complete. In April 2007, Ryan, Kevin and Shane as TANGELLO BLUE played a joint CD release party at the “Winners Circle” with Shane’s Mother, Sherri Mullen, who was releasing her third full length solo CD. In addition to writing or co-writing all the songs on the TANGELLO BLUE album, Shane had co-written three of the songs on the Sherri Mullen album! TANGELLO BLUE went on to tour locally in support of their CD, playing venues/events such as Lebanon Valley College Music Fest, The Dragonfly, and the Hollywood Casino.

In 2008, when the TANGELLO BLUE music scene slowed down, Shane got bored. At that time, Sherri was looking for guitar players to support her in her acoustic shows. Shane began playing acoustic duo shows with Sherri, and he quickly became her favorite guitarist/vocalist to work with. The one/two punch of Mullen & Mullen made this one of the strongest and most unique musical offerings around. It was obvious that these two singer/songwriter/musicians were two very different people with different tastes and voices, but the music was a means to bridge those differences and transcend boundaries, creating something truly original! They began expanding their fan base, and became very popular in the Central Pennsylvania Music scene, winning awards and recognition from both industry reprentatives, and their peers. In late 2009, after 18 months of playing an aggressive gig schedule together, Sherri and Shane decided to embark on writing a full length CD together, and the project "SM²" was born. The project was officially announced in January 2010 and they are currently putting the finishing touches on their debut CD, which will be released in Spring 2010, and a music video project that they expect to complete by Summer 2010!

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